Setting up an Amazon EC2 server to run an arbitrage trading bot for crypto exchanges

Just a few reminders before getting straight to the point. I wrote a php arbritage BOT for exchange.

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So, there are around 9 steps to setup your Amazon EC2 server (considering you have an account and considering you have the software Putty (and Putty key generator which comes along) or any other software which allow ssh connection to servers. (Don’t ask me on apple, I have no idea !)

Note : My screenshots are in french, sorry for that ;)

  1. So first step is to click on “Create instance”. That you can find in your dashboard ! (easy huh)

2. Select the Amazon Linux AMI server

3. Select this (there s not much to describe huh), then click next (wow)

4. Here it s becoming a bit more tricky, if you don’t have any keys, you need to create some (find any name you want) then click on “Download keys” you ll end up with a pem file on your computer. pem is not a kind of file that putty can read, so you ll need to convert it to ppk.

5. To do so, open Putty Key Generator. Click on “Conversions” and “Import key”

6. Then enter a Key passphrase (password) and confirm it. And finally click on “Save private key”. You now have a .ppk file !

7. You can now open putty. Fill your server IP (that you can find in your account, and then on the left, find “Connection -> SSH -> Auth. Click on it. Then click on Browser, and find your .ppk file.

8. Click on “open” and your terminal will popup. It will ask your for your username, enter : ec2-user (note : username is not “admin” or “root” !). If you have selected an ubuntu instance, your username is probably “ubuntu”. Press enter. It will ask you for your password (the one you entered in Putty Key Generator), press Enter again.

Now you just need to update your server and install php.

First command is :

> sudo yum update

Second command is :

sudo yum install -y php70

Congrats, your Amazon EC2 php server is up and running !

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