Interviewing myself about my’s sentiment…

How much does that title sound egocentric ? Huh ? Probably quiet a lot, isn’t it ? But well, I thought it might be a good approach for me to question myself, and sharing my answers with everyone for transparency. People love transparency so much nowadays :)
Ok, let’s go for it ! Oh by the way, we are the 5th of September 2019, just in case it matters for future readers/readings.

  1. What’s your current stack of TIOx ?
    I won’t give any exact details about that, but you have to know that I don’t own any TIOx personally. The TIOx stack I manage is on behalf of my company. My company is part of TIER 10 TIOx holders.
    I used to own TIOx personally, but I deceided to close my account after trying out FX on the crypto platform. It was pure gambling with a pretty high leverage and after several loss, preferred to stay away from it as I defintely don’t have the knowledge, skills, nerves and patience to play that game. It was fun, but it has cost me a bit. At least, lesson learnt ! :)
  2. Did you buy some or sell some TIOx in the last months ?
    As mentionned above I personnally exited and so sold all my TIOx, but my company was clever enough to buy them back (through the exchange, so at market price). It was several months ago.
    About my company’s strategy regarding TIOx, the idea has always been to keep Dollar-Cost Averaging little by little. Almost never sold a TIOx (except maybe for liquidity reasons), and always kept piling up.
    I would also like to mention that I almost always took the market. Which means I was buying at the price people were willing to sell. That might sound stupid for many of you, but this is for some philosophical reasons about other TIOx investors.
    I ll come back about the different reasons why I kept investing a bit later.
  3. Why did you leave the different Telegram Channels ?
    Shitshow, fudding, shilling, babycrying… I got really bored with all that the day where a guy told me I was fudding and the day after a guy told me I was shilling. I always told things in all honesty and transparency, and couldn’t care less about shilling or fudding, the only thing that has ever been important to me was to be proud of being indirectly part of the project, by investing into TIOx and helping as much as I could. When I publicly mentionned bugs or errors, it was because I reached my limit about the number of bugs or errors I met, and wanted to highlight that something really needed to be done. When I openly said something was good or great, it s because I really thought it was. As I said, I couldn’t care less about shilling or fudding because the company idea has always been to slowly keep investing if the price was falling too low.
  4. What do you think about the “relaunch” that has been announced for over two months ?
    Well, well, well… I thought it would have been already delivered. But I proabably underestimated the size of the task. From what I heard, read, and understood, they are not only improving the infrastructures, the code, but also the visual interface. I really don’t know much more than that, except that I m pretty happy they haven’t already launched, it looks like this time, they are taking all the time they need to deliver a FINISHED product.
    Anyone that has been part of the very first beta testing of the crypto exchange can only feel what I feel today. So many times, they wanted to show us how much effort they were putting in, that they actually were working and delivering things, but in the end, it only resulted in disappointment after disappointment.
    Before tiomarkets launch, I remember I sent messages to the different known members of the board of, where I was begging to double check everything before launching, because crypto exchange launch at the time had already been a terrible failure, and that if the same was going to happen to tiomarkets, it would kill TIOx investors trust and faith. And what happened ? They still fucked that up. Well, at least, that’s how I feel it, considering how great their product is, with revolutionnary low trading fees etc… but the marketing with the 10k signup target etc.. all that was such a pain to witness. I didn’t even bother signing up on it to check out how it was, other people’s feedbacks were already way enough.
    Anyways, let’s go back to today, and the relaunch. They have hired new people, and have been silent for months now, but I had the chance to discuss a bit here and there, and definitely, I never felt as good as today after discussing with them, most particulary on the tech side, where things are moving pretty fast. About marketing, well, I really don’t care anymore. I used to care a lot in the past, but after some deep thinking, I convinced myself that considering the blockchain/crypto industry, the most important thing is technology. Whether Chris is going to be the best CMO ever or the worst, I don’t care, because this is not what will make TIOx successful in the end. Still, if he does a great job, it will make everyone feel better, but never forget, what is important is the product behind, not the packaging if you want to be there for decades.
  5. What do you think about’s team ?
    I don’t feel like judging anyone here, because even if you see some of the members of the team act publicly, we have no idea of what they are living internally. The pressure level is probably pretty high at the moment, and it would be easy to interprete any words wrongly.
    All I would say is that I m way more confident in the actual team than in the past teams. The different internal moves that occured also seem to be well thought. Let’s meet again in two months, and I might have more things to say then !
  6. What do you think about’s overall project today ?
    This is a tough question but also one that I m happy to answer. An opinion is something that depends on many variables. The most important variable for me right now is : the crypto and blockchain market. I honestly don’t know a single blockchain or crypto project that has no shady aspect, that has a fully working product where the token is of any real usage. Yes it s true, some tokens are x100 or even more compared to their initial price, but is their token a real asset, just like a bar of gold, a house, or anything similar ? Well, the answer is no.
    So starting from this point, I still see a few things that are a drag on for a real life adoption. But definitely, is WAY BETTER than many other projects. WAY ABOVE the mass. And this is the #1 reason why my company kept buying TIOx even if everything was not looking that good. I already talked about it in a previous article, I do see this company becoming a link between “real life” and “crypto world”. Bridges need to be built, links need to be tied, and I really think they can achieve that.
  7. Are there things you would like to see improved on ?
    A LOT ! BUT… who knows, they might have prepared a few things for the relaunch. So why bother listing things that might have been fixed or partially fixed ? Let’s move on, and see what happens in the next few weeks !
  8. What are you doing now as you are way less on Telegram :P
    Since I started working on internet in the 2000’s, my life has been pretty much linked to it. So I m busy working on my different ventures, my family and my hobbies, which include a lot of sport. Still, I m far from being inactive on TG and from being inactive on When I gave away my bot code, it brought a few conversations with different people, including one guy that I won’t mention the name, but that helped me a lot on improving my code and trying new things. So I added a new hobby to my list : generating as much volume as I can on I have reached a steady 35k$/day through my 24/7 bots, and I m aiming for 50k$ after relaunch. This will look to be a lot for some, and not much for some others, but this is the best way I found to be helpful with the exchange.
    Trying to always improve my bots made me spent also some time on the exchange as you can guess, and I tried to give as much feedback to the team as I could. Now, for about past 2 weeks, I almost didn’t contact anyone, because I just want to let them work to meet their very own deadlines. And the current version of the exchange is stable and working, so my bots can run withouth any glitches. Still, I can’t wait for the relaunch and see what they have to offer.
    Also note that I m still on Telegram, and if you feel like it, you can always get in touch with me @aymeric_nc .
  9. Anything else ?
    It’s not really related to the interview but I think it s time for you, yes, you, behind that computer screen or that cellphone, to help out
    Prepare yourself, just like I prepared my bots during weeks. Prepare yourself, to support’s relaunch. The team probably worked pretty had for several months, and very soon, it will be your turn to be at work. They need us as much as we need them, we are tied.
    TRY TO FIND A WAY, a way you could help
    - You like Telegram ? Then, be there to help new users.
    - You know a bit the crypto space ? Then make lists of websites where you ll be able to post about, so that when the relaunch happens, you can go post everywhere.
    - You are on social media ? Then try to increase you number of followers, try to interact with other people, build a community, so that on relaunch, you ll be able to tell them about
    - You have some crypto funds ? Then move them to, and allocate a small chunk of it to trade a little bit every day to increase the overall volume.
    PREPARE YOURSELF, in your mind and get confidence in your abilities to help the project. Some of us have almost been holding for 2 years, and now, we are close to our biggest battle. BE PREPARED !

That’s it, please don’t forget, none of the interview is an investment advice, it s just my honest opinion about If you think I missed an important question, don’t hesitate to post it in comments, and I ll gladly answer it as best as I can.

Have a great day wherever you are ! :)

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