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TIOx token : come get your daily dose of ETH !

It has been a long time since my last post about TIOx and

So let’s make a quick summary of what happened over the last 2 years.

1/ crypto exchange was shutdown
In october 2019, the exchange was closed. The reason given by the management team is that the exchange couldn’t turn profitable into the forseeable future considering the lack of regulations and the number of competitors that have shady practices (see full PR here for more infos :
I think I can definitely understand and agree on…

I m pretty excited to announce that after several dicussions, I have taken the decision to start a Telegram group to represent TIOx owners in their relations with management team, new TIOx investors, and overall the crypto space.
This Telegram will be managed by a different number of active people in the TIOx community, and the idea is to act in a democratic way, where everyone will have his voice heard.

Here is the plan for the coming week :

First and before going any further, the condition to start this complex process is to have at least 50…

The announcement came in my mailbox yesterday.

Winter is coming…

I m not writing this article straight away after this update. I have let a few hours go by and a full night of sleep.

So, what do we learn here, what are the facts ?

- crypto exchange is not profitable.
I think everyone already knew it

- crypto exchange failed the technical challenges.
I might be interpratating a bit but it s clearly written that the development speed and activity was built to keep at least some money available for Liquidity Pool distribution. As written, they could have probably deceided to pour way more money into the crypto exchange but…

Is that really what makes you rich ?

Yes, it s another clickbait title, ahah, and you got tricked !

This is probably not the article you would expect to read, but I really wanted to share my experience and well, if no one cares, that will be a written memory for when I ll get old !

I have been thinking about writing this article since about two weeks after someone I was talking with asked me “What would you change in your life if you were to become rich.”

After quickly examining my current life for a few seconds, the answer came suddenly to my mind…

Yes, I ll be honest with you… what achieved in its revamped version is… far under my expectations.
Yes, you read it well, I m telling you I m disappointed.
Yes, the guy that has been telling you for months that good things would be coming soon.
Yes, the guy that spent hours working on a bot specifically for
Yes, the guy that thought : “This time, it will be different”.
Yes, the guy that kept buying TIOx all the way down, because “This project is different”.
Yes… this guy… this guy that was just wrong…

Who is in for a facepalm ?

Wrong, thinking…

This is a follow up with the dev on the bots I have been running on

And yes, I m done.. I m done coding. Last time I spent so much time coding was something like 4 years ago. Yes, I do enjoy coding, but one in every 4 years is more than enough for me !

So, since my last update, I have been working on a few tings :

  • Optimizing my bots code
  • Creating a new bot
  • Creating an admin to have a better view of my bots’ activy
  • Full automation of the said bots

1. Optimizing…

How much does that title sound egocentric ? Huh ? Probably quiet a lot, isn’t it ? But well, I thought it might be a good approach for me to question myself, and sharing my answers with everyone for transparency. People love transparency so much nowadays :)
Ok, let’s go for it ! Oh by the way, we are the 5th of September 2019, just in case it matters for future readers/readings.

  1. What’s your current stack of TIOx ?
    I won’t give any exact details about that, but you have to know that I don’t own any TIOx personally. The TIOx…

So, my last update about was on the 25th of july. And some of you might know how it s currently difficult to keep holding TIOx tokens, because you might feel left alone, with fewer updates from the team, and only maintenance or small updates messages on the different social medias.

If we check twitter for example, there are no real interesting news and last messages are pretty common.

Still, the one about Credit Card addition (’s own solution, and not a 3rd party solution), was really a great addition.

We also know that the team : Bill, Roy…

Here I m writing a new article about exchanges, and which exchanges you should avoid. In fact, I m writing this article because I have a target in mind : WASHTRADING.

This thing has been around for months and probably even years now in the cryptocurrency world, and it will most likely never go away, because some exchanges will always remain out of any possible regulations. …

Did you ever feel like crossing the desert ? Well, that’s probably what many TIOx holders are actually feeling. Why ? For a few reasons :
- Not many news from the team on what is exactly being worked on
- Daily interests from Liquidity Pool keeps getting lower.
- TIOx price that keeps going lower and lower too.
- Crypto exchange volume stagnating and even going a bit lower.
- Very slow activity on community’s Telegram.
- Small bugs/glitches here and there which are still not fixed.

I think that covers about everything which is actually painful. Well, that’s…


Crypto enthusiast. Internet and sport addict. Writing about life, crypto and whatever goes on my mind !

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