TIOx token : come get your daily dose of ETH !

It has been a long time since my last post about TIOx and trade.io.

So let’s make a quick summary of what happened over the last 2 years.

1/ Trade.io crypto exchange was shutdown
In october 2019, the exchange was…

I m pretty excited to announce that after several dicussions, I have taken the decision to start a Telegram group to represent TIOx owners in their relations with trade.io management team, new TIOx investors, and overall the crypto space. …

The announcement came in my mailbox yesterday.

Winter is coming…

I m not writing this article straight away after this update. I have let a few hours go by and a full night of sleep.

So, what do we learn here, what are the facts ?

- Trade.io crypto exchange is not profitable.
I think everyone already knew it

- Trade.io crypto exchange failed…

Is that really what makes you rich ?

Yes, it s another clickbait title, ahah, and you got tricked !

This is probably not the article you would expect to read, but I really wanted to share my experience and well, if no one cares, that will be a written memory for when I ll get old !

Yes, I ll be honest with you… what trade.io achieved in its revamped version is… far under my expectations.
Yes, you read it well, I m telling you I m disappointed.
Yes, the guy that has been telling you for months that good things would be coming soon.
Yes, the guy that spent…

This is a follow up with the dev on the bots I have been running on trade.io

And yes, I m done.. I m done coding. Last time I spent so much time coding was something like 4 years ago. …


Crypto enthusiast. Internet and sport addict. Writing about life, crypto and whatever goes on my mind !

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